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Multiple formats at once

Most of my conversions are mov files going to a web site using HTML5 video tags so I need mp4, ogg and webm.

So I convert a file or a batch to a format. Then I choose another format and convert again. Then I do it yet again.

It would be great to choose all desired formats and have the whole thing done in one pass.

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This would constitute "batch" conversions which the developers state as on of the features of the 3.0 release.

Once again, looks like it wasn't actually ready for release just yet.

The batch input is great, but a batch output - to convert a video 3 (or more) times to different formats for exactly James' reason - would be a godsend.  Thanks to all the Miro team and contributors, a brilliant app.

Hi all, how do I get to the batch input? I am trying to drag and drop more than one file, or choose multiple files, but its not working.

I'm not sure if batch conversion is still a problem, but I do what many others have done, in that I make several copies of the Miro app (and keep them all in my 'applications' folder), open them all and drop the same video file onto each of them, using each app to convert into a different codec. You can also drop multiple files onto each app, as long as you convert them all to the same output codec.

Hope this helps.

I would love if you enable this option. For me as video editor will be very useful to convert files to multiple formats at once, especially when saving files for web distribution.

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