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Choose Output Folder - Option To Output To Original Directory

Just updated to new version 3.0 and I have a couple comments/feature requests.

I don't like that the converted files are output to a default directory that you can not change. I preferred it placing the converted file into the original files directory as it did in the previous version.

I would highly suggest the ability to change the default directory the converted media is saved to with the ability to check off an option to have it saved to the original files directory.

I love the new version but without these features, I'll have to go back to the older version because it takes me more time to move each converted file from the default directory to the directories I want each file to go into which makes the batch conversion feature useless in my situation.

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Came here for the same reason - getting rid of the option to output to the source folder is a massive step backwards...will have to revert to the previous version until this feature is re-implemented...please fix asap!


Thank you for your suggestions and feedback.

The earlier releases of Miro Video Converter wrote files to the same location as the source file.  To avoid situations where the source file is in a write-protected directory, and cause conversion errors, we chose to write to the standard system location for video files in this version.  However, if enough users vote for this feature here in the forum, we may consider changing it in a future version.

I know it's rather late, but I used a symbolic link to solve the problem. It can be done in any OS. Under Windows, once you've shown the output folder, go back to the parent, rename the "Miro Video Converter" to another name, and use a command like this in a prompt:


mklink /d "Miro Video Converter" "I:\iPod\Miro"


Please! I was surprised after dragging files to the input box because no indication where I want output files to go. Of course after little digging I found out that they were flying to my windows SSD HD! Not like this. Please.

Btw. I love the software. choice for output folder?  That just sounds stupid!  Let me know when it's fixed.

The drive that is default for Miro does not have enough space to do more than one, it's an SSD and no way to change the amount of space. I have a ton of videos to convert and cannot batch without being able to change the output destination. Please, please, please add this feature back in!

 I think this Application is really excellent and the recent improvements have been very good, EXCEPT the fact that the output files no longer reside in the original folder.

 I agree with all the points made re instituting the ability to choose the location for the converted files. But whatever you decide to do, I would like to thank you for providing this software for us to use without cost.

But this release was clearly not ready for ... release. As mentioned, such a simple function like selecting an ouput folder is required.

Don't just change the functionality of your app without documentation/options.

I get that this is free software, so who are we to 'complain'. Guess you get what you pay for.

Okay, I understand the reasoning behind the change you made, write-protected directories but not the approach taken with the problem. Could you not display an error message in the situation they attempt to convert the file to a write-protected directory with simple language that explains they either need to change the permissions of the directory or choose a different output directory? I don't do any desktop OS application programming so I don't know the difficulty in implementing that but I wouldn't imagine that it would be to difficult. I intend to rally people in support of this feature.

I too am in the situation where my "main directory" doesn't have enough storage space. My boot drive is used for running programs. I have an external working drive that is used for actual file management. Without the option to choose the output folder, I cannot use this program.

yes, please give us back the option to choose the output folder and it´s location.

I'd like to also request the ability to choose an output directory.  I am one who has a fairly small primary hard drive, and no room for the large video files to exist in my user directory.  I have external drives to store all the big stuff.  

I know 5 people who have mentioned this exact issue in the past week or so... definitely a good idea. I was about to write a script do this, which is sort of less than ideal :-)

Yes please add this feature. I install software on a different hard drive than the ones I keep my files in. Many people now run the OS and software on a small SSD and have HDD for video files. I imagine it must be very simple to do. There is already a "Show output folder", if I can navigate to another folder from there why can't I choose it as the new default location?

Thank you guys for this software, I love it and the WebM conversion works great out of the box. If I wanted a million options I'd use handbrake. Your software looks good and is uncluttered, and works well.

I would like to vote for this feature. I'd particularly like the option to write the output to the same directory as the source file, but the option to choose an arbitrary output directory would be good too.


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