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Names search on "search machines"

If I search my name in e.g. google among the results it will appear that I am a translator at Amara. Why does this happen? how can I change that? I do not want my name to appear in search machines.

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Thank you for your questions, Ilia

As to why does this happen, Amara is a project of the Participatory Culture  Foundation (PCF) and the Privacy Policy for PCF websites that we agree to when we create an Amara account says:

"...PCF is an open organization that believes in sharing as much information as possible about its products, its operations and its associations. Accordingly, community members should assume - as should most folks who interact with PCF - that any personally identifying information provided to PCF will be made available to the public. There are four broad exceptions to that rule:

1. PCF does not publicly release information gathered in connection with commercial transactions (i.e., transactions involving money), including transactions conducted through PCF Store or donations to PCF.
2. PCF does not publicly release personally identifying information collected in connection with an application for employment with PCF.
3. PCF does not make publicly available information that is used to authenticate users the publication of which would compromise the security of PCF's web sites (e.g., passwords).
4. PCF does not make publicly available information that it specifically promises at the time of collection to maintain in confidence.

Outside those four contexts, users should assume that personally identifying information provided through PCF's web sites may be made available to the public."

And as Amara users' profiles do not fit any of the four listed exceptions, our profiles are public.

As to how you can change that, you could probably change the way your name appears in the subtitles you make (though not your username) and that would be reflected after a while in search engine results. E.g. I have a second calmansi2 (username) Amara profile that appears as "Teamocrito Amaro" or something silly like that, which I use to check how things look for "members" in teams where I'm "admin" with my main profile.

But better first ask the tech staff via a ticket, for safety's sake.


Claude Almansi


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