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Set a (-) Delay on All Subtitles

I was using Subtitle Workshop, but I switched to Amara as it works better with the site where I upload my videos. There is about a 300 millisecond delay from when you hear when a subtitle starts to when you press the button to start the subtitle. In Subtitle Workshop you could set a negative delay to counter this. Is there any way to do this in Amara? I've noticed it's about one tick mark (on the time ruler) in Amara.

Thank you for your message, Amiable Person.

Unfortunately, this is not feasible with Amara. What about you download your Amara subs, do the general change with Subtitle Workshop, then reupload the subtitles on Amara to check?

Just a DIY workaround, but perhaps it could work?



Is this possible yet? It would definitely improve the workflow and seems such a simple thing.


Yes this would be nice instead of uploading subtitles on an other website 

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