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Self-crediting in captions

Are users allowed to credit themselves or their volunteer group (essentially advertise) in the captions they contribute?
I came across an example on a video I was making corrections to and noticed that user Wouldn't you like to know? added at the end of the video: [visit to see other videos or to make a request]
Would this need to be removed before I can submit corrections?

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Hi Christopher

There is no fixed rule on Amara for that.

Technically, you can either leave or remove this signature subtitle before declaring the subtitle set complete.

Netiquette-wise, there is no problem with user Wouldn't you like to know? adding that last subtitle, which was maintained by user quocanhltk when s/he synced the transcript.

It is just a bit odd to have such a credit when you're making subtitles on a collaborative platform like Amara, where the crediting is done via the history of revisions.

So if there were only one former subtitler involved, I would say contact him/her via their Amara profile and ask.

But here, two former subtitlers are involved - who have collaborated on other subtitle sets too. And you can't send an Amara message to more than one person at a time. So you could ask them in a public comment to the subtitles. If they don't reply, feel free to do what you think best.


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