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I have created an amara account and i just subtitled a vídeo thought it. Can i upload this vídeo to my youtube channel with the subtitle in it?

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Hi Pedro,

Could you please give the link to the Amara video page where you made your subtitles, so I can answer you more concretely?

However, in general: both in Amara and in YouTube, the video and the subtitles are in separate files. So you would to first add the video to your YouTube channel, and then add to it the subtitles you made in and then downloaded from Amara.

And there, a problem that is not technical but legal might arise if you are not the right-owner for the video: YouTube might send you a matching content or copyright violation notice, according to what the right-owner chooses. Matching content notices aren't too bad, though the right owner might bang unsightly ads on the video you added. Copyright violation notices are worse, because the video gets blocked - and you get a "strike". And after three strikes, your YT account gets deleted.




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