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Unsaved backup


Before quitting the system if in the middle of a job, I save by clicking on 'save draft'

When I return to work on the same video, Amara tells me that  I have "an unsaved" version and invites me to 'restore' or 'delete'

Very unnerving when you have maybe an hour of subtitling work.

What would happen if I ever clicked on 'discard' by mistake?


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Hi SafeTex

Thank you for this question: I clicked Yes on  the You have this Question? button, because I also wonder about what "discard" would do. My guess is that the message about "unsaved" version is a misleading instance of "belt and braces", and that if you'd click "discard", you'd still have the subs you last saved before exiting.

This hypothesis is based on the fact that, as far as I understand, when you click "restore" for subs you had not saved before exiting, if no-one edited the subs in the meantime,  what happens is the software restores the unsaved last version  from your browser's cache.  So possibly, the software offers you this, no matter if you saved a draft or not.

But let's see what technical staff replies.




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