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Do you guys support

Do you guys support  I have videos hosted there for a planned online course work system that will be embedded into a Woo / Sensei / Word Press theme. 

How does this work? I would paste the video URLs into an Amara account and then people would work on it?

Hi Robert,

Essentially, yes, you're right. However:

  • It will only work in the for-free version of Amara if access to your videoy is not password-protected. That's how I made the page from the URL of viddler's home page video. If this access is protected, then you'll have to use a paying Amara Enterprise solution: see the enquiry form.
  • Just adding your videos to Amara does not mean that volunteers will find them, let alone caption them or translate their captions. So you must find ways to publicize the fact that they are available for subtitling, e.g. via social media.
Happy subtitling,

Claude Almansi

If subtitles were being done with vimeo hosted videos, the free version would work?

What is the pricing of Enterprise solutions?

If the access to the vimeo-hosted videos is open, yes, the free version will work.

As to the pricing of the Enterprise solutions: sorry, I really do not know, I only know how the for free public version works.




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