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Musical notes

Captions often feature a little musical note to indicate that a song is playing in the audio track.  How do you add this note using Amara, and is this symbol preserved in the srt file? 

Hi Matt,

There are Unicode key combinations to produce these notes, which you'll find in and yes, the result is preserved in the .srt file.

But  as I make lots of typos, rather than using the key combination, I just copy the symbol from that Wikipedia page and past it in the subtitles. Like this: ♪.

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Great, thanks Claude!  And for others following this thread who are fellow Mac users, I found this clear explanation online of how to set your system up to use Unicode:

Thank YOU for the Unicode tutorial, Matt.




To give the suggestion of music, using either one or two quarter notes (with a bar) I created an AutoCorrect shortcut for each of them and used as appropriate. Using this has seemed to be more -- aesthetic.

 Thanks a lot, Alan - this is a very cool solution.

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