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is it possible to translate the audio of movie into other language?

dear friends

need to know if there is any tool where the audio dialogues of any video or movie can be translated into other language? 

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Dear Manish Jain,

You can do that humanly with Amara. For longish videos, it's usually simpler to start by making captions (subtitles in the original language) and then translate them. For shorter ones, you can directly translate from the video. Either way once your translated subtitles are ready you can download them as TXT i.e. without time codes.  You can get started here:

Now if you want something more automated, there are solutions outside Amara. Please note that the more automated the process, the more unsatisfactory the result:
  1. Fully automated (error prone): you upload the video to YouTube (YT), wait until the YT software has produced automatic subtitles; you download them from the video's admin interface -> Captions or Subtitles tab, and then you get them automatically translated from YT.
  2. Corrected captions (more accurate): you upload the video to YouTube, wait until the YT software has produced automatic subtitles; you edit them into accuracy from video's admin interface -> Captions or Subtitles tab.
  3. YT automation & Amara (easier editing & translation): Like 2, but download the subtitle file from YT and upload to Amara; use the Amara editor to improve the captions and/or add translated subtitles.

In addition to Amara, there are other tools that might help with improving YT automated captions, for instance NoMoreCraptions or DIYCaptions. Try both and see if either suits you better.

I hope this helps a bit,

Claude Almansi


hi almansi

thank u so much for ur inputs.

just to clarify, my query was not about subtitles but towards dialogues only. I mean if we can translate the spoken audio dialogues into audio dialogues of another language through the use of amara or any other software.

This query is with specific reference to audio described movies for blind people who cant see subtitles and they experience the movie on the basis of audio dialogues and audio description interspersed between two dialogues.

I hope I m clearer.

with regards

dr manish jain

Thank you for the clarification, Dr Manish Jain, Sorry I misunderstood you. I hope I'm getting it right now. Yes, translated subtitles made with Amara are texts, and as such they can be turned into audio files via text-to-speech, like any text. Several TTS providers offer an online trial version where you can download the result as an audio file: for instance iSpeech can do that in several languages. Or you could use the TTS accessibility feature of your computer system, and record the output.

Question, though: TTS voices are usually flat, so it's OK to have short audio description parts generated by TTS - but wouldn't it be rather boring if done for the entire translated dialog? I.e. wouldn't a blind person prefer to have the whole translation provided as text, which they could then read with their own TTS software, accelerating it as they wish, being able to skip by search etc?

Just wondering,



How do I get paid for the project and video translated. What is the pay per job done

Thank you for your question, Mohamed.

If you want to make paid translations for Amara's On Demand service, please apply from this Recruitment page: someone will contact you and give you info about pay.

If you mean translating subtitles for someone else, you will have to discuss a tariff directly with them.



Is it possible for you to translate my movie into English for me? I really want to watch a documentary from the History Channel but it is in Spanish and I do not speak Spanish. It does not give me the option to use close caption/subtitles as English. Please help. Here is the link:

Thank you for your request, Eldridge.

Actually, in the YouTube video, you can:

  • click the cogwheel icon for "Settings" (bottom right of the player)
  • click on Subtitles/CC
  • click on "Portuguese (autogenerated)": that will make the "Portuguese (autogenerated)" captions (1) appear on the video
  • click again on "Portuguese (autogenerated)", then click on "auto-translate" and choose English

This sounds like a recipy for lousiness, but actually, the result is rather usable, if you bear in mind that errors from both automations get compounded.

However, considering the interest of the documentary, I have added it to Amara in, then I added the autogenerated YouTube captions.  Finally I added the Amara page to the Captions Requested team. Hopefully some of the members will volunteer to fix the aumated captions, and later to translate them into English.

You could also use your social networks to incite people who know Brazilian Portuguese to do these things: Amara is really easy to use.



(1) In fact, the video is in Brazilian Portuguese, not in Spanish.

do amara does not offer to translate audio?

Thank you for your question, harryking.

The Amara tool can be used to caption an audio file and then translate it - or you can pay to have this done, as explained in But no, the Amara tool cannot create a translated audio file. As I explained above, you could use text to speech software to transform the translated written file into an audio file, or hire a human native speaker who would read it aloud, but that's no longer something you can do within Amara.

Hello. Can someone translate this video? Ive been searching for eng subtitle but i never found it.

Hello, Hidetomato.

I replied to you in I want to request this video to be subtitled but i dont know how to upload it.



Hi.I have begun using Amara to translate and subtitle a video that has no human-inserted English captions, only auto. I know the auto isn't great but is there a way to have it inserted in the translation platform, it would greatly facilitate my translation, of course while listening to the audio as well. Thank you,Elisa

Hi Elisa, 

Thank you for having posted this also on the forum, which will allow me to refer to your question if someone else asks. 

100% safe: 
  • If the video is on YouTube, you can activate the  transcript generated by the automatic captions: click on the ... under  the player, right, then click on Open Transcript. 
  • When the transcript appears, click on the vertical ...  right and choose "Toggle timestamps" to remove the timestamps: you can  now copy the transcript and paste it in a .txt file.
  • Make sure that the subtitle lines are separated by a blank line and save as an UTF8 encoded .txt file
  • Upload the .txt file to your Amara page. (*). The  generated captions won't be timed, but it perhaps does not matter all  that much if what you're interested in is the translated subtitles.

Very safe (at least I never had issues with it):

  • Download the automatic captions with (no need to sign up)
  • Upload the downloaded .srt caption file to your Amara page  (*) The captions will be synced, which is nice if someone else is  interested in syncing them per se.



(*) In both cases, I upload the captions to Amara as  being in one of the "Metadata" languages  (not Metadata  Audiodescription, because that's real, bt say, Metadata Geo) and I  indicate in the description that they are automatically generated, lest  others be puzzled ;)

I'm quite new to Amara but am working on TWP script translation tool/service but am interesting whether there is such a thing as an amara api which can be intergrated into a website or some other platform?

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