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is it possible to translate the audio of movie into other language?

dear friends

need to know if there is any tool where the audio dialogues of any video or movie can be translated into other language? 

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Hi Michael,

Yes, Amara has an API and embedder options to display videos on your website with captions and translations.
These links share more information on both options:

Amara API Overview

How to Integrate Amara with my website

If you have specific questions, please email the details to and we'll be happy to help!


Amara Support Team

Dear friends,

Till now there is no software that converts any audio to another language because the reason is the software is not human things that's why it cannot feel the human emotion when they talk in the movie or other places, well you can convert any video to audio by youtubetomp3converters. Also, you can add the subtitle in any language.

please help me translate this youtube video from hindi language to english using subtitles.


Thank you for your request, Denmark High. 

However, this is is support forum for people encountering issues with Amara's subtitling tool. You might find other venues where more people might be willing to produce these English subtitles.

Best way would be to first create an Amara page for the video, and then try to ask in forums dedicated to this series or, more generally, to Indian movies - indicating the URL of the Amara page.



Thanks for the info claude

Hello i just joined here in hopes of getting an advice on Subtitles. A friend of mine gave me a stacks of movies and tv series to watch during these hard times....i have found most of the subs for nearly all. But there was this one tv series with 6 episodes i think its an Italian, that does not have subs and i wanted to watch...i happened to auto transcribed from youtube, but im not sure how accurate this sub is because its not,my question is how do i translate the sub or how do i get the video translated....pls give me an advice

Thank you for your question, Johnny Choi.

If the videos are  publicly viewable on YouTube, even as unlisted. you could create Amara pages for them. Then you add the relevant automatic subtitle set to each of the Amara page, adding in the set description that they are automatic. Then you wait until volunteers check them and hopefully translate them. You could also join the Amara Captions Requested team: once you are a member, you can add these video pages to the team. This will improve the probability that interested volunteers find them.



Thank you very much Claude...i will join the team. But these Italian tv series ep are infact long...its like 1 hour and 45 mins per ep and i have 6 of them about over 700M big files. Also im not sure if its Publicity viewable in Youtube as my friend gave me the USB...and its probably downloaded...

Hi Johnny,

I thought of YouTube versiona because you wrote: "i happened to auto transcribed from youtube".  So I surmised that you had uploaded the videos to YouTube  and then downloaded the autocaptions. Is it not so?

YT Italian autocaptions are usually fairly good, as Italian has fewer homophones than English or French.



Yes i have auto transcribed from youtube and it did give me fairly good scribe. But when i translated into english, some of it really made sense at all. So i thought it may have not picked up all the words. so now im not sure what to do really. Because my friend has told me this show has not been on aired anywhere else but Italy and Poland, so its impossible to get subtitles. 

Thanks, Johnny.

In this case, you could try something with one of these YouTube videos: 

  • set it on unlisted if it was private before
  • download the autocaptions from YouTube (which you can do as the video uploader)
  • use the YouTube video's URL to create an Amara subtitling page: be careful to set the video language as Italian
  • upload the autocaptions to the Amara page as Italian.

If you feel like joining the Amara Captions Requested team: do, and add the Amara subtitling page to the team.

Otherwise, indicate the URL of the Amara subtitling page here, and I'll add it to the team.

This way, we'll see if enough Italian-language volunteers start checking the autocaptions.



Hi Claude you have been so helpful so far. As the file the file is 788M and its like nearly 2 hours long each episode. I have been auto transcribed into sections so i can translate and edit a bit by bit. 

so i actually screen recorded the first 2 mins of the episode, so i can test it out. This 2 mins is not much but i can see what is clear and what it isnt. Some words i cannot understand. i will post it here the URL amara

But i feel its ok but not 100 percent. i dont know 


oh this is my translation but i am not sure if this is actually right or close...maybe you can check


Hi Johhny,

Can you please add the srt file of the Italian subtitles? And change the YT status to "Unlisted" instead of "Private" ?

Something else: when you translate subtitles off-video, do not save them as in .rtf format. Save them as utf-8 encoded text file. 



hello Claude

please disregard the above url...i have upload another one in unlisted with subtitle

also the translation was only in the word pad i have so later when i edit the real sub i can just type it in. Im not sure how i can save it as utf using word pad. 

Here is the new URL

Hope this is better....i have uploaded as unlisted

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