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How to change the status of subtitles from incomplete to under review?

To whom this may concern, 

I have translated for my first time a video in Amara (TEDx talk) and I would like to ask you how I can proceed in order to change the status of the subtitles from incomplete to under review. Further I am trying to edit the subtitles and there is nowhere any option about that. Could you help me?

The video is: . It has been translated in Greek.

Thank you very much, 


Thank you for your question,Maria.

You have already correctly submitted  for review your Greek subtitles of

If you click on the link in "View tasks for this video." in the left column, you will see that there is a (presently) unassigned task for their reviewing. At this point, you cannot edit your subtitles any longer: the person who picks up the reviewing task will be able to. So if you want to make a change in your translation, wait until someone picks the reviewing task, and send her/him a message via Amara messaging.


Claude Almansi

If there is no subtitle, it is a listener, and the Axis makes a good timeline and listens. But with subtitle software, our group uses TIME MACHINE, which can display video and subtitles at the same time, keep dictation + pause, and then listen and then write until the whole article is completed. There are fine time forward and backward functions and so on. The words that can't be heard are searched with the blur of bing. It’s really impossible to have proofreading...

Thank you for your explanation about what your group dpes, mnnnn. It does not seem related to the above question or to the use of Amara, though.



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