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Paragraph symbol in subtitle cell ?

 What effect does the paragraph symbol ^^ have ?

I didn't notice any ...

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Thank you for your question, Andreas. 

Apologies for the delay, but I was puzzled: still am slightly. I didn't know that the double caret   ^^ is a paragraph symbol. But I saw somewhere that with some subtitle editors, the double caret works for positioning the subtitle at the top. 

So maybe that's what you were trying to do?  That I now of, it does not work with Amara.  But there is an Amara tutorial, Positioning Subtitles,  that shows that you can drag and drop the subtitle on the video to change its position, though I have not tried that myself.

I suppose that the new position will only get indicated in the subtitle file formats that foresee this position indication: not SBV or SRT, but likely DFXP and TTML.

If that's not what you meant, please rephrase your question.



Sry Claude for confusing you.
The double caret is NOT a paragraph symbol. I merely wanted to point to the title of my post (as in "see above").

I was referring to the symbol to the left of the subtitle cell, which you can toggle. I know what a pargraph does in a text document, but what good does it do in subtitles ?


Oops, LOL, sorry.

The paragraph sign produces a paragraph in the interactive transcript you can activate under the Amara player by clicking on the icon that looks like a written page bottom left.u

Quite useful for readability in long videos.



Subtitle cellSubtitle cell is a text entry field in the subtitle editor. Each subtitle cell contains the text that will appear on the video screen at a certain moment. ...Paragraph mark (¶) on the left from the subtitle text.

Thank you,  mnnn,



Subtitle cell is a text entry field in the subtitle editor and each one contains the text that will appear on the video screen at a specific moment.

Thank you, Sean.

However, in the case of Amara, activating the paragraph symbol in a subtitle cell in the seubtitling tool  will create a paragraph in the transcript  that can be activated in the viewing page.

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