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Subtitles from Amara to YouTube



I have completed the following video's subtitles a while ago.


It's been sitting there as a completed work – it has not been uploaded. I wonder why this is happening, whether there has been some technical issues i.e. maybe there are some more processes to follow, etc.

I would like it to move forward and Published as the other videos. Please advise.


One more question: May I have access to others working in my language’s combination? That would be a great help to build a team.


Gurvitch Dutès.

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Thank you for your question, Gurvitch Dutès. Indeed, this Amara video subtitling page is added to the Scientific American team - see search result here - so your subtitles should have been transferred to the YouTube video that streams in the Amara page. 

You could message a team admin via their profile to report this problem. I'd suggest Judit@Amara, because she is Amara staff and  because hers is the only Scientific American team admin profile that reports any recent activity. If she does not answer (her Amara inbox might be overfull), please create a ticket describing this subtitle publication issue. Please make the subject line of your ticket a bit more explicit, sort of " Subtitles for an Amara team video do not transfer to YouTube. The ticket will go to Amara tech staff in charge of support and they will be able to address the problem.

Re your second question: there is no general search engine for Amara members, but in teams, you can filter team members by languages, then see if they have recently been active and contact them via their profile.



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