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Complete dashboard activity log

Hi there

I've just started using Amara for my YouTube channel. One of the things I wish to do is to take the translated subtitles from Amara and upload them onto the original YT video.

In order to do this, I need to see when there are new subtitles on videos I've uploaded (or follow, in the case of someone already uploading the vid to Amara)

Unfortunately, the activity panel on the dashboard only shows the last 8 changes, which means older activity will be lost and I won't know what has been changed!

Is there any way to see this dashboard log in a more complete form, or have activity updates be sent to my messages or email?



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Thank you for your question, Mark.

When you follow a video on Amara, you do get Amara messages about any change to any of its subtitles. And you can set the Amara messages so they get forwarded to you as emails.

I'm not sure if the same happens if you just upload a video to Amara: to be on the safe side, I would also follow uploads.



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