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First time using Amara, just finished subtitling, what next?


Just finished subtitling to Brazilian Portuguese a YT video called "appropriating morality | how 'the Judeo-Christian tradition' takes false credit [cc]". Went through all the 3 steps (subtitling, synchronizing, revising), clicked on "publish", was sent to a page ("Amara Public Free, this part video is part of Amara Public"). 

But here's the thing: when I click on the "watch on YouTube" button on the lower left corner of the video that appears on the screen, I'm sent to the video's page on YT, but upon selecting the captions options, Brazilian Portuguese doesn't show. Just wondering... is there any further action I have to take now? Or does it take a few hours for Amara to synchronize my work to YT?

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Thank you for your query, Deby S.

In order for Amara subtitles to be automatically transferred to the original YouTube video, the YouTube channel of the video must be synchronized / connected to the Amara account of the person who created the Amara page.

This is not the case in this video: if you go to the URLs tab of the Amara page for the video, there is no mention of syncing. If the YouTube channel and the Amara account had been synced, it would say so in the URLs tab.



PS next time, please indicate the URL of the Amara page, rather than linking a screenshot. Thanks in advance


I just finished the subtitles of Wer waren die kelten?

I had the same problem as Deby S. So I linked my Amara-account to the YouTube Channel. But after doing so, the subtitles are still not there.

What went wrong?

Best regards,


Thank you for your query, Elke.

The YouTube "Wer waren die Kelten? - Welt der Wunder" video was uploaded by  user Welt der Wunder -

  1. If this is you, please create a ticket asking why the syncing with Amara did not work. 
  2. If this YouTube user is not you, then the syncing with their channel cannot work.

In the second case, you could try to contact the YouTube uploader and tell them they can download the Dutch subtitles from their Amara page and reuse them in their YouTube video. There is an email address in the About page of their YouTube channel.



thank you

Yet, when I go to the video's YT website by clicking the "view on YouTube" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, I am unable to see Brazilian Portuguese among the captioning possibilities. I was wondering if there was anything more I needed to do. Or does Amara need a few hours to upload my videos to YouTube? phrazle

The original YouTube channel must be synced with the Amara account of the page's creator in order for the Amara subtitles to be immediately uploaded to the original YouTube video.

It sounds like you have completed all the steps correctly. However, sometimes it may take a while for Amara to sync your subtitles to YouTube. This depends on various factors, such as the length of the video, the number of subtitles, and the traffic on the site. Be patient and check back later to see if your subtitles are available on YouTube. If they are still not showing after 24 hours, you should contact Amara support for assistance.  phrazle

I truly adore it and have bookmarked your website for future reference.

Hi Belinda, 

We truly adore hearing that, thank you! :)


Feel great!

@Claude Almansi happy wheels

Thank you for clarifying this.

Thank you for providing that information about syncing the original YouTube channel with the Amara account for immediate subtitle uploads.

It seems you've followed all the steps accurately. Nevertheless, the syncing of your subtitles to YouTube by Amara might take some time. This delay can be influenced by factors like the video's length, the quantity of subtitles, and the site's traffic. Please be patient and revisit later to confirm if your subtitles have been uploaded to YouTube. If they still haven't appeared after 24 hours, reaching out to Amara support for assistance would be advisable.

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