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HI THERE IS A COMMUNITY HERE ! "Copy/pasting text into Amara's transcription" issue

(The community can't create a new topic so i'm editing a old one)

Ok I will be quick. My name is Verone and i'm the webmaster of TraduZic, a website with 5000 amara's videos. We did all these videos by copy/pasting a text into a amara's transcription. 
 2 months ago an amara's upgrade came and we lost the possibility of doing this AND the possibility to send a txt files. It was a big issue and 2 weeks after amara's team came saying "we are sorry and we'll do a new upgrate as soon as possible because we are listening the community".
The 3rd of July : new upgrate and now we can send a txt files (better than nothing) BUT letters "à,è,ê,ç" doesn't work. These are important letters in French (and other languages) and we are spending 10 minutes by video putting back these accents manually. We are speaking about this since the 3rd of July but Amara is too busy creating a Google team, forgetting all the rest of the community. This is the reason i'm creating this topic, to show at the amara's team there is a big and real community on this website with needs.
Thanks to answering with "i'm agree with this" if you are a member with the same problem.
Ok je vais faire cours. Je m’appelle Verone et je suis le webmaster de TraduZic, un site avec 5000 vidéos d’Amara. Nous avons fait toutes ces vidéos en copiant-collant un texte dans une transcription Amara. Il y'a 2 mois Amara a fait une mise à jour et nous avons perdu la possibilité de faire ça plus celle d’envoyer des fichiers au format txt.
 C’était un gros problème et 2 semaines après l’Equipe Amara est venu en disant « nous sommes désolé et nous feront une nouvelle mise à jour dès que possible car nous écoutons la communauté ».
 Le 3 juillet : Nouvelle mise à jour et maintenant nous pouvons envoyer un fichier au format texte (mieux que rien) MAIS les lettres « à,è,ê,ç » ne fonctionnent pas. Ce sont des lettres importantes en Français (et autres langages) et nous passons 10 minutes par vidéo à remettre ces accents à la main. Nous parlons de ça depuis le 3 juillet mais Amara est trop occupé à créer une équipe Google, oubliant tout le reste de la communauté.
 Ceci est la raison de la création de ce ticket, pour montrer à l’Equipe Amara qu’il y’a une vraie et importante communauté sur ce site avec des besoins.
 Merci de répondre par « i’m agree with this » si vous êtes un membre avec le même problème.

Bonjour, Verone,

I also noticed this yesterday: screenshot in New glitch. Actually, there was another workaround I explain there. Also, I mistakenly thought that this was due to the fact that the video whose subs existed but had no link in the navbar had been added to an Amara team, as the Amara team software has been playing  havoc with subs of team videos for at least 12 days now, imposing moderation and tasks when none are specified by the team admins in the settings. So OK, I'll add a ref to your post, explaining that for once, this team bug is not at fault.

On ne prête qu'aux riches ;-)

I'm sorry that this glitch happened, and kept your translations from showing up on the video player. It seems like this isn't happening anymore, but in the future if something happens like this, please post about it and we can help try and diagnose this faster next time.

The community can't create a new topic so i'm editing a old one. Here are the messages about accents and copy/pasting text into amara's transcription issues.
I'm absolutely agree with this
Indeed, you can't use letters such as "à;ê" (letters which are often used in french). I mean when you type them, the result is not as expected in the translation.

I hope this issue will be solved soon.
I'm agree with that, I really hope this probleme will be solved as soon as possible because I use Amara and it is annoying
I'm agree with this.
I hope this issue will be solved soon.
I agree with this
I'm absolutely agree with this
I definitely agree with this.
 i’m agree with this
I'm agree with this
Accented letters and letters with other signs added are also integral part of spelling in many other languages. Actually, English is one of the very few exceptions that don't have such letters. So please Amara, bring back the copy-pasting option that always works for accented etc. letters.
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