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Amara API only available to enterprise users?


Is the Amara API only available to enterprise users? I have got the API key from my profile but when following your API documentation using the CURL command or trying it in PHP I get the following error:

{"error_message": "Sorry, this request could not be processed. Please try again later."}

curl  -H 'X-api-username: <USER NAME>' -H 'X-apikey: <API KEY>'

Many Thanks!

Hello James, 

The API is open for all, not only enterprise users.

Could you please tell us with details what you're trying to do so we can help set it up?

Hi Jules,

Thanks for the reply, I have just tried it again and now have a response. Perhaps there was a network error before. I was trying to get a list of videos from my account so I could list them on my website.


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