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Can see subtitles on Amara site but not when I go to full screen


I can see a video in the Amara windows with French subtitles but when I click on YouTube or full screen the video continues on my screen but the French subtitles are lost.

This probably has sth to do with my Adobe reader settings or maybe YouTube account but I just can't find the trick to get French (or other foreign language) subtitles up in full screen mode.

Thanks in advance for any help

Nothing wrong with your Adobe or YouTube settings: "no subs in full screen" has been reported on help forums since Amara was called Universal Subtitles: see the Fullscreen Display Issues  thread started September 28, 2011.

The Amara player does not have its own full screen mode: therefore, the full screen button you see is YouTube's, not Amara's. And so unless the Amara subs have been added to the original YouTube video too, when you launch the full screen, there are no subs.

  1. Easy but a bit sloppy: use you browser's zoom until the player occupies as much of the screen as possible

  2. Neater but more time-consuming: download the Amara subs you want to display, use the original video URL to create a  or  subtitling page, add the downloaded subs to it, then launch the full screen mode there.
Re workaround 2: Both DotSUB and Subtitle-Horse players have a real full screen mode that shows subtitles, but each has its pros and cons:
  • DotSUB only accepts videos  under 25 minutes, but  the subtitling page stays saved.
  • Subtitle-Horse doesn't have a length limit, but you can only save on their server the full page (video and subs) for 4 days - though of course you could repeat the operation each time you need to view or show the subtitled video in full screen.

Hope this helps ;-)



Thanks for tips, but DotSUB don't support iOS. I just suggest to zoom/enlarge Amara page with a double tap or pinch to zoom out


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