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Could the "American Sign Language" option be replaced by "Sign Languages", for which there is an ISO code too?

Presently, Amara only offers the "American Sign Language" option for identifying the language of a signed videos, in spite of requests for other sign languages in:

  • This video is in Language Options (14 Nov, 2012) for

    British Sign Language, International Sign Language, Auslan - Australian Sign Language, French Sign Language, Irish Sign Language, Israeli Sign Language

  • Add more languages (12 Apr, 2013) for Peruvian Sign language.

And there would be many more, perhaps too many to add them all.

However, the Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages -Codes arranged alphabetically by alpha-3/ISO 639-2 Code page of the US Library of Congress lists the

"sgn" ISO code for "sign languages".

So, could "American Sign Language" be replaced by "Sign Languages", using that ISO code. Then users would specify WHICH sign language in the description of the video. It would at least be less US-centric than having only American Sign Language.

Thank you in advance,


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There is a "Sign Languages" option!



I am deaf president of the association Arbore'Sign, is in the areas of Research and Development for the creation of solutions and the development of services accessible to deaf people in their community professional and private.

The Arbore'Sign association was born of an observation: The development of new technologies may prove to be a great tool for everyone, provided that such environments are accessible, usable and useful to all.

If many opportunities in terms of autonomy, social integration are possible, these devices can also be the source of a new form of "stigma" by virtue of their technological inaccessibility.

Some 5 million of our fellow citizens deaf, deafened and hard of hearing, an estimated more than 200,000 people practicing French Sign Language (LSF). Despite the law of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, access to services remains unsatisfactory for deaf individuals and professionals in many fields: public services, sports equipment, remote services and many others.

Project Subtitling Web videos!

A group of amateur volunteers, hearing, deaf, eager to change the accessibility for all.

The objective is to promote the bridge between the deaf world and the world and non-deaf.

We are professionals, however, we are committed to give the best of ourselves. Feel free to send us your suggestions and comments.

What great news, Sj Rideaf: thank you so much. Do you know of other similar projects for other sign languages than French Sign Language?
The subtitles in the video you linked are remarkable. It must be way tougher to translate what is signed spatially into strictly linear, length-limited written subtitles.


Claude Almansi


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