2014-09-15 updates: editor notes, uploads, users' languages, title and description, warnings

 The dev updates 2014-09-15 page lists several useful changes, some regarding all users, others regarding team members or team admins.

Here are those regarding all users:

  • Editor Notes: "Users can now add notes in the editor as they are working on subtitles.  Useful as a simple reminder to self, or a way to pass on information to others who may edit later.  These changes are specific to the current editor and are not implemented in the legacy editor."
  • Uploading Subtitles / Drafts: "You can now upload your subtitles directly from the editor.  From the Tools menu, just select Upload subtitles.  Once the subs are uploaded you can check them over, make any edits and save as usual. (...)"
  • Language bar: "We’ve removed it from the top of every page.  You can edit and update your languages from the profile page.  If your languages are not set, you’ll be prompted when joining a team."
  • Edit title and description: "We’ve removed the Edit title and description with the overlay popping open from the editor progress steps.  Instead it’s a link in the Review stage."
  • Warnings for common subtitling mistakes: "There are some basic guidelines you can follow to keep you subtitles easy to read.  We’ve added some warnings for these common mistakes, to help improve subtitle quality.  Warnings don’t affect saving subtitles and can be toggled on and off via the Tools menu.
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