Database migration Tonight 11/1/2012 at 8pm EDT


You may have heard us mention that we were expecting to do a few hours of planned downtime for a database migration, and that time has arrived. 

When – The Amara service will be temporarily paused at 8pm EDT tonight (Nov 1st). We expect the service will be back up in 1.5 - 2 hours, but our designated window is from 8pm EDT - midnight EDT. 

Why – This downtime is for a database migration that will increase the accuracy of subtitles. We're really excited to get these underlying components improved–once they're all complete, it will pave the way for many more visible changes to Amara!

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Thanks for having let us know, Jules. Small problem with this  Updates and News board (and with the  All About the October 23rd Amara Community Townhall one): when you open the Forums or Amara section of the help on a laptop with wide screen and have a couple of extra tool bars in your browser, you have to scroll to see them: see attachment.

Is there a way to make these boards show without scrolling? Perhaps having fewer posts showing in these Forums and Amara sections? As these boards were recently added, people might not expect them if they don't see them at first glance.
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