Problems with search and “Rebuilding video index. Please try again in a few minutes.” message on Team video pages

October 25th:

Yesterday, we made a significant update to Amara, including a number of bug fixes and a new infrastructure setup that makes Amara much more robust in case of AWS failures.  As part of the update, we re-index all the videos in the system.  Last night during the update we had a few video indexing issues, which may have made it seem like videos disappeared from your team. We attempted to repair this last night, but need to make some additional changes before the repair is complete.
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Thanks for the explanation, Jules. Do you have a time line for the completion of the repair?

In case this can be of help:





Update: (Oct 26, 3 pm CET). Evertything is fine now in the Music Captioning and Captions Requested teams: the videos that flew the coop yesterday have come back to roost.

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