Amara Server Status - Dec 30th, 2015

We’d like to provide an update on the recent downtime and current system status, as we realize that more individuals and organizations have come to rely on Amara being available 24/7.

We had unexpected downtime beginning late last night EST (12/29) until this morning (12/30). The good news is that Amara is running now. We do expect it will remain stable, although we’ll continue to monitor it closely over the holidays.

After some investigation, we determined the root cause was a recent update to part of Amara’s server infrastructure. This had some very unexpected ripple effects that ultimately caused a load-balancing server to fail. We reverted the update and things are back to normal.

On the positive side, we have plans (which have been in development since before the downtime) to make a few key infrastructure upgrades. These will not only make this type of issue far less likely to occur, but in case it does happen it would be much easier and faster to detect and recover from. We’re taking immediate steps to implement these plans and anticipate having them finished very soon after the new year begins. Please keep an eye on our development blog for details.

Thanks again for your patience and support.


The Amara Engineering Team