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start here and finish here


When in review mode, you have the "Start Now and Finish Here" (  I think it's called that but don't have a video to check at the moment)

It shows you where you are in the text that is being reviewed.

I think it should not move and that the text moves up one window at a time and then everything is ok

BUT for me, most of the time, the  "Start Here and Finish Here" tags move down instead of the text moving up and go off screen after 4 or 5 windows have been reviewed.

So now you can't see if there are any warnings

So I stop the video, and using my cursor, bring it up again to as high as possible and start again

What is causing this please? Why does it not normally work as it should?


Sorry: I haven't been able to replicate what you say yet - I'll re-reply when I do.




I think I got it now: it seems to be a matter of focus. So when I just play the subtitles in Review Mode, as you say, the End Now button covers the info on the right:

 However, if you click on the box for editing the subtitle, then the End Now button disappears, and  the info and warnings about subtitle length and speed reappear:

(The thing in the red oval is the cursor).

So maybe the solution is to navigate within the Review step by focussing on the editing boxes, moving to the next box by using "Enter"? That's what I had been doing until you asked this question and it works for me: anyway,  when I'm reviewing already synced, I don't use the arrows to modify the start and end of subtitles, but rather the handles of their "bubbles" in time-line, which enable me to be more precise.

But that's because I'm congenitally clumsy, and this hasn't improved with age :D So I suppose others can also fine-tune with the arrows.

Hello Claude

The info disappearing on the right is another issue

But I can't see that you have the same problem as me

So I changed browsers to Chrome and the problem disappeared for about 3 minutes and then suddenly reappeared.

Strange as it may seem, there is sth about the way that I work that the browsers and Amara don't like

I will have to make you a short video so that you can help me as this little problem causes things to take much longer

Can you send me your email address. I don't seem to have it any more.



A video would be great, thank you! my email address is .

Errh actually, though it may sound bizarre from someone in charge of these forums, I rarely use Amara exactly as foreseen in the tutorials, actually. E.g. I almost never use the review step. but do the reviewing in the syncing step and leave them as draft.
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