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Can you expand a bit more on SmartCAT integration with Amara?

 Hi. I have used SmartCAT a bit. I am intrigued to know how to make it work with Amara?

Thank you for this question, David Al

CC subtitles are text transcripts with time codes added to sync the logical fragments into subtitles. So you could, for instance

  • download original subtitles as TXT files (i.e. without the time codes) from Amara, 
  • translate them with SmartCAT, 
  • save the translation as a UTF-8 encoded TXT file,
  • upload the translated TXT file to the Amara page
  • open the resulting subtitles in the editor
  • open the Time menu (clock face icon top of the translation column) and choose "copy timing" to get your translated subtitles synced like the original ones.

After that, of course, you'll probably need to fine-tune <our translation's syncing.

Best wishes for 2020


Thank you for the reply. Definitely sounds like a good plan! With regards to my other question tweaking out already existing translation. I might post here as well as it concerns a CAT tool. I could export both source and target as plain text (no time codes). To take advantage of already made translation, I need to create a TM. A free program can be used to align segments. Upload source, target, an TM to CAT tool. Translate and upload final plain text translation to Amara. Import time codes either from source, or target to the translation, which ever is better synced with the video file. Sync subs to ensure all is good. If translating from scratch it's pretty straightforward If tweaking already made subs, and source and target have lines. TM creation might not be that bad If source and target have very different time codes (ex synced to different digital versions/cuts) and different number of subtitle lines, than creating a TM will be labourious. And imported time codes may have less or more entries than the new subtitle file. But I guess can be fixed by syncing.

It’s great to see that you have a plan for tweaking already existing translations using a CAT tool.

Start by creating or accessing the subtitles you want to translate in Amara.Export the subtitles from Amara in a format compatible with SmartCAT. Common formats include SubRip (.srt) or SubViewer (.sub). scratch geometry dash

Import Subtitles into SmartCAT:

Log in to your SmartCAT account and create a new project.Choose the option to import files, and select the subtitles file you exported from Amara.SmartCAT should recognize the format of the file and import the subtitles into the project.

Translate Subtitles in SmartCAT:

Once the subtitles are imported into SmartCAT, you can begin translating them using the CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools provided.SmartCAT offers features such as translation memory, glossaries, and machine translation suggestions to aid in the translation process.Translate each subtitle segment into the desired target language(s) within SmartCAT's interface.

Review and Finalize Translations:

After translating all subtitle segments, review the translations for accuracy, consistency, and formatting.Make any necessary edits or corrections to ensure the quality of the translated subtitles.

Export Translated Subtitles:

Once the translations are finalized, export the translated subtitles from SmartCAT in the desired format.Choose a format that is compatible with Amara (e.g., SubRip (.srt)).

Import Translated Subtitles into Amara:

Return to Amara and access the original video or project.Upload or import the translated subtitles that you exported from SmartCAT.Amara should recognize the format of the file and import the translated subtitles into the project.

Review and Publish:

Review the translated subtitles within Amara to ensure they display correctly and accurately reflect the content of the video.Once satisfied, publish the translated subtitles to make them available for viewers.

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