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Thank you, Rieann.

Just one question: why is it possible to leave a comment on some posts but not on others?



Hi Claude -

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Before, comments on blog posts automatically closed after 21 days. I have changed this so that now all blog posts are open for comments for as long as people might want to comment. 


Thank you!


Thank you for sharing rieanne

Why we can't comment on all the blog posts?

Good question, Jake. Just a surmise: lack of staff. 

If you wish to comment on a blog post but can't, you can always discuss such a post  in this forum, linking to it.




how do you indicate that a speaker is quoting another person? should I use parenthesis? or slanted quotation marks or straight quotation marks?`` pls help!

Thank you for your question, Stephanie. 

If you are subtitiling within a team, the team may have more detailed guidelines than the general Amara ones. What follows is based on a few years of collaborative subtitling.

I use straight double quotes, but you could use slanted quotes if you prefer: they are supported in the simple text used in subtitles.

If it is a long quotation, spanning several captions, watchers need to be reminded they are still within the quotation, so I use italics which you can produce via an asterisk before and after. Alternatively, you can repeat the opening quotes at the beginning of each subtitle, with end quotes at the end of the quoted passage. Like this:

"how do you indicate that a speaker
is quoting another person?

"Should I use parenthesis?

"or slanted quotation marks
or straight quotation marks?

"pls help!"



I recently translated a tedx video to my language and reviewing and approving have been finished but still it has not been published on youtube and tedtalk account. what shall I do?

Thank you for your query, azheen najmadin. unfortunately I am unable to answer you.

please create a ticket: It will go to Amara's tech staff who will answer you.


Claude Almansi

Hi, I am about to start translating my first TEDtalk (EN>IT). The video I chose is marked as "unassigned" but it shows a draft, an incomplete Italian version so I am not sure what this means; did the previous translator give up? can I carry on?  Also, there is no available fb page for Italian translators and no Italian language coordinators can be reached. Could you please help?

Thank you for your tactful questions Luisella.

Indeed, if the EN>IT task was unassigned, this means that the former person who picked it was not able to complete it within the deadline. So now, you can finish it.



hi I am not good at these... I made subtitling on a video end I put it in clipboard .How can I copy it in my pc ?

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