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Thank you for your question, Thomas Prosiliakos.

When you make subtitles with the Amara tool, you can simply download them to your pc by using the Download tab of the subtitles page. It opens a drop list of formats from which you can choose the one you want.



I'm new here kindly explain like I just have to add lines and it will automatically adjust the time frame or I have to type the time frame as well for the subs? I use Tamara for my work of book report services and I have a lot of written content of videos. Yes, of course, I gave credit and references to videos always. 

Thank you for your question, Kevin Stroot.

There is no option to indicate the video frame speed in Amara, if that's what you mean by "type the time frame". 

On the other hand, if you mean "type the time codes" that sync the subtitles with the videos: the Amara tool lets you insert the start and end time codes via buttons and/or keyboard shortcuts.

I hope this helps


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