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Can't log in to, using my pass

I used to log in to, but using my account pass. Now that doesn't use platform for subtitle translations anymore, there's no more option to log in by using the pass.

I had some valuable history and memberships/permissions in that account, I would really like to regain access to it instead creating a new account. Is there a procedure to follow through, for migrating the account I used to access by using pass, to a basic user+password access?

Thank you for your query, Pāvils Jurjāns: it usefully raises the issue on the public forum.

Please create a support ticket about this. It will go to Amara's tech staff who can help you.



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I think you should contact Amara customer support and tell them the problem you are having and then ask them to help solve it.

Thank you, Tom: that's what I was advising Pāvils to do

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